Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Neighbor Disputes

Do you ever ask yourself, at what point do you say to your neighbor, WTF?  I have suffered in silence for a long time.  Mainly because I was the guy that, "has the Sheppard that barks all the time."  
This has lead to a lot of frustration for me.  Especialy since she is now a lot better!
But some stuff, really?

What do you say to this?  I said " Your tree fell and almost took out our dog kennel, it could have been bad."  The response was, "Oh really, wow!"  Nothing happened, I cleaned it up and took care of the rest of the tree.
That is probably worse than the rest of the crap we all deal with, but still.

Keep your s**t in your own yard!  C'mon now!  I bust my ass trying to keep my neighbors crap at bay, but it gets to a point where you just lose your mind!
Run your trimmer for goodness sake!  I mean, really?!?
Sorry, but sometimes things just get frustrating!  Enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away...

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