Friday, February 15, 2013


Ever notice how some firsts stand out in your mind?  Clean minds, people.  At least for the Blog, you can let your mind wander later.

The first time I was ever TRULY speechless, was when my wife bought me this all Koa guitar for fathers day, for example...

Here are a whole bunch of firsts.  From L-R, the first real guitar I bought, my first (and only) "collector"  guitar, my first real guitar and the previously mentioned item...

Other examples that might bring back memories, first car,  first time driving alone, first job, first time winning an award, first place of your own or first child.

Here is another set of firsts...

The wooden handle knife was the first gift bought purely on my fathers own, as a gift for me.  16th birthday, as I recollect.  A friend of mine dropped it and busted the tip off, but 26 years later it is still in great shape.  Throughout high school this was my hiking knife.
The green handled knife was this years Valentines gift to me from my son.  That is not what makes it so special to me.  The note that went along with it is.
I make walking sticks as a hobby, and have not done one in a while.  His note said that he hoped this would inspire me to start up again.
These 2 items, barring something crazy, will be in my possession until the day I die...They are, and will remain firsts.
Anyway, enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away...


  1. that wooden handled knife must be an antique if you bought it on your 16th birthday ;-)

    1. should be in a museum, like me!