Monday, February 25, 2013

Dealing with CHANGE

Ever notice how just as you are adjusting to a change, it changes again?

Picture flying a kite.  It is at a beautiful height, tail blowing in the breeze it shifts gently from left to right...WHAM!  The wind stops and the kite starts to fall. 

You take up slack and start saying "C'mon, c'mon!  Don't, no, don't..." as if the kite will listen.  It doesn't, but your adjustments are just enough to keep it afloat.  You feed more line, and start to relax, but all the while you are wondering "Is it going to happen again?"
Same thing in life.  Just when we think we've made adjustments, something changes.  With a lot of things I am a creature of habit.  I like all my stuff to be in the same place everyday, for example.  We  all enjoy a little excitement,  but take comfort in other things that stay the same...I have a feeling the wind is about to drop in my life...
Anyway, enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away...

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