Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dinner and a Blog, Beer Braised Chicken

Ever notice how we ask "Hey, how are you doin?"  But don't really care what the answer is?
Think about it, what would you say if some one answered:
  "Pretty crappy, I'm dying." 
What would your answer be? 
"Okay, cool."
"Hahaha, funny one"
"Oh, too bad."
"Right, right, see ya later"
Or, "Oh no, what's going on?  Is there anything I can do to make your day better?  Please let me know, I am here for you."
Do we really care about the people we pass by everyday?  There are people I pass at work, look them in the eye and say "Mornin!"  They look away like they don't even see me and walk on by!
Let's face it, we don't really give a crap about each other...
I just want everyone to know, I care about you!!!


Tonight I made Beer Braised Chicken.  I know you might be thinking what a waste to put this in it, but it is a good tasting flavorful beer, no bitter after taste.

Here are most of the ingredients, the only thing I measured was the Beer just so I could get a baseline.  I did season the pan first, before browning the chicken.  Vegetable oil & sesame oil, salt & garlic salt, pepper, furikake, and smoked paprika.

Remove the chicken, saute a whole onion, sliced root to stem.  Add minced garlic, brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, a can of chicken broth, Sriracha hot sauce, Aloha Shoyu (soy sauce) and one cup Widmer Brothers Milk Stout Beer.   Simmer covered for 45 minutes and then uncovered for 45 minutes.

I would recommend a little more beer, maybe a cup and a half.  I put this over rice and sat down to enjoy!  It turned out really good, I might splash a little less vinegar next time, though.
Anyway, enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away...

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