Sunday, February 17, 2013

Being A Tourist In Forks, Wa And La Push, Wa

Ever notice how some things just don't seem to go your way?  We had planned to go to Forks and La Push early Saturday morning.  I wanted to leave around 0800.  We left after 0930. We were trying to load a movie on my daughters iPod and we had all sorts of trouble with iTunes.
We finally get on the road loaded up with a camera for each of us, to chronicle this adventure.  Wouldn't you know it rain and 15-30mph winds.

We got lucky just before getting to Forks, there was a little sun break, so we snapped a couple pics.

 We stopped at Ruby Beach for a bathroom break.  My daughter wasn't feeling to good and stayed in the car, while my wife and I walked down to the beach.


Once in the open the whipping winds made it difficult to justify being down here!  It was a warm 45°, drizzly and and gusting...a little different than what this Hawaiian is used to!


Because we still a had a ways to go, we didn't get to explore as much as we could have.

The walk down was nice and leisurely (but cold), but we made double time back up to the car, arrived winded, but refreshed.

We stopped and ate lunch at a little park in Forks.  Of course we had to go be tourists and take some pics. 

Both the train and the tank were pretty cool to look at.  A little odd to just find them at some little park,though.

It was then on to La Push.  We were greeted with a rare appearance of the sun!  The wind was still with us, though.

My wife throwing up the "V-Dub" sign for good measure. 

Is that a Tsunami warning sign in the background?  I saw a funny shirt in one of the stores.  It said "Tsunami evacuation steps 1. Grab beer, 2. run like hell".

So much driftwood, so little time...

Again the wind was wicked, and the rain was moving back in, it was getting time to be heading out.
 We did grab a Geocache on the way out, just as the rain was starting again.  It was "Between a Rock and a Soft Spot" (GC3RA4H).

On the drive back we stopped at the same lookout to grab shot of this cool scene.  It was a tiny break in the clouds letting light down on this little island, while the rest of the sky was very gloomy.

 All in all, everything turned good, we had a great time.  We just had to keep our heads up after the lousy start.
Anyway, enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away!


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