Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christmas in February

Ever notice how getting new stuff, sometimes feels like Christmas?
I mentioned  before that we went to Seattle looking for some new cooking items.  We got some, but not all.  Tonight my wife came home with some more of the items.

One of them being a Wusthof 8" Chef knife.  This knife has some heft, but handles very nicely.  It has been a long time since we bought a new knife.  This is the size I was looking for.

 The first knife we purchased was the 9" Slicer, Twin Zwilling (J.A. Henckles), 2nd from bottom.  We bought this 20 years ago and it is still in great shape.
The second was the 6" Zwilling Twin (J.A. Henckles) 4 Star Chef, the third was the bread knife (Zwilling Twin 4 Star), the fourth was the 7 1/2" Santoku (Zwilling Twin 5 Star).
I had always said I'd like to try a Wusthof, or any other brand for that matter, but never had.  J.A. Henckles had always been good to me.  I had thought about Miyabi, MAC, Korin and Global, but just wasn't sure.
Although I only cut a few things, I love the Wusthof so far!  Not one of my knives are newer than 15 years old, but this knife feels fantastic!  The balance is a little handle heavy, but I like it.  Again, it is a stout knife, but feels good in my hand.

 The other purchase was a Calphalon Unison 12" Non-Stick "Slide", pan.  I  was trying to avoid anymore non- sticks (we have the 8" & 10" All Clad that work beautifully).  The finishes just don't last.

We used it tonight to make sausage, peppers and onions.  Not much of a challenge, but cooking went well as did cleanup.  Heat settings were higher than the All Clad, though.

Anyway, enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away!

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