Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Save the Planet

I am not an Engineer or a tree hugger, but, I do understand progress and conservation.
Ever notice how some things that are intended to make things better, just seem to make them worse?
There are no pictures for this blog, due to the content.
Picture the scene, just about any public restroom in anywheresville USA.  You go into the stall, get set up to do your business have a seat, shift ever so slightly and whoosh!  The jet toilet from hell, automatically flushes.  How is this better?  You are now going to have at least 2 flushes.  OK, so you recover from your enema, walk over to the motion sensing faucet and attempt to wash your hands.   The sink next to you is running and the one you chose doesn't sense your hands very good and keeps shutting off.  You stick your hand in front of the soap dispenser only to find that half of it falls into the sink while you were waving your hand trying to find where the sensor is located.  Well so far this is very efficient.  Now you meander over to the motion sensing paper towel dispenser (in this particular case, blow drier to follow).  You wave at it, hear a noise and wait wondering when it's gonna appear.  You wave some more only to find that it did dispense something that resembles a paper towel, except miniaturized.  Not sure what to do with it you tear it off and wave again thinking it was a malfunction.  But the next time it is exactly the same.  After 10 times you get enough to dry your hands.  This thing is motorized so your burning electricity or battery power to operate it, also!
In the case of the blow drier, you wait because there are 4 of you in there and only 2 driers that take 20 seconds to dry your hands.  The guy next to you gives up and walks out drying his hands on his pants.  You step up and fire up the leaf blower attached to the wall and all the water is blown to the floor.  You recover your hearing and walk out wondering to yourself what just happened.
I didn't even mention the water saving urinal that uses 1/3 the water of a regular one, but has to be flushed twice because it doesn't even flush pee.  Most guys don't wait to flush twice so it's waiting there for you when you saddle up, very sanitary!
But it doesn't matter because we are definitely saving the planet! 
Anyway, enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away

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