Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quality Time

Ever notice how we want  to spend quality time with our loved ones, and we go out of our way to plan it?  It doesn't always go the way we plan, though.
Quality time is what we make it.  With my wife's  goofy schedule, we are very limited on getting a decent chunk of time together.  Sometimes it's a kiss good morning, or a kiss goodnight.
Last night we made time by cooking dinner together.

First order of business was pour a relaxing beverage of choice.  Mine was a Full Sail Weizen Bock, which I enjoyed very much.

For my wife it was a glass of Sutter Home Moscato.

 We hung out and talked while we got everything prepped.  Tag teaming a meal is really nice because everything goes quicker.  Spaghetti does not require a lot of prep, but still...

Next all the ingredients get put into their pots and pans and we have time to sit down and watch some TV and relax.

When it was all ready the family sat down to eat and talk a bit.


Then we all sat down and watched a movie together.  Mind you, my daughter is 15 and my son is 19.

I guess the point is, you can make any time, quality time.
Anyway, enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away...

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