Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cooking for Sanity

I am not a cook a cook, photographer or writer.  Although  I do love to do these things.  What I am is a rambler.  When I'm talking, I'm the guy your wondering or saying out loud "your point is...?"  Oh well...
Ever notice how some things in life just make you feel better?  One of those things for me is cooking.  
I have a co-worker, who I'd like to call a friend, who is moving far, far away (tomorrow is his last day).  This is going to bring about a lot of changes at work, which is ± 1/3 of my day!  This will be great for him, but not so much for other people who are not him!
I had  kind of a weird day and it continued when I got home.  Things strted to get better when I started to cook. 
I gotta start with a clean kitchen, it makes it easier for me to work.  Not to mention that I am a clean freak!  Anything I do, I always clean before and after the project.

Chopping with a sharp knife always feels so good!  The therapy is now really starting to work!  Mmmm this is gonna be good.  Can you smell the onions, peppers and garlic?

Well now we added the beef and the meal is almost ready!  The kitchen smells good and my problems are starting to melt away.  I put the lid on and reflect on how things seemed SOOO bad just 30 minutes ago.  The rice timer goes off and I snap out of it. Things aren't that bad ( at least not right now), and tomorrow there will be another meal to cook!
Anyway enough rambling for today, tomorrow is just a short sleep away...